DF Kromaskin Hockey Stick tarjous



DF Kromaskin Hockey Stick

When the ball’s dead, you’re at your most deadly. Its low bow and shaft groove make the adidas DF Kromaskin Hockey Stick a potent drag flick weapon. It’s also perfect for long, accurate aerials when you want to launch quick counter-attacks. The head is designed for match-turning 3D skills. A combination of cutting-edge technologies make it the most powerful and accurate stick in the range.

Tuoteryhmä: Performance – Accessories,Equipment,Hockey Sticks

Kategoria: Adult – Field Hockey

Tuotemerkki: adidas

Lisätiedot: Length: 36.5″|Soft Adigrip tape|Kromaskin field hockey stick|3D head

Väri: Signal Cyan / Signal Green

Koko: 36.5″

Tuotekoodi: EX0093