Ruzo Hybraskin .1 Hockey Stick tarjous



Ruzo Hybraskin .1 Hockey Stick

Designed for difference-makers. The adidas Ruzo field hockey stick helps you keep the magic flowing with a low bow that offers a balance between mesmerising dribbling and clean hitting. When it’s time to break out your lifts, jinks and pops, its 3D Head gives you the perfect platform. Hybraskin technology provides the control and feedback you need without sacrificing power.

Tuoteryhmä: Performance – Accessories,Equipment,Hockey Sticks

Kategoria: Adult – Field Hockey

Tuotemerkki: adidas

Lisätiedot: Length: 36.5″|Composite|3D head|Low bow

Väri: White / Black / Blue

Koko: 36.5″

Tuotekoodi: FZ8561